#wildbunchdinner. The Lefty’s Experience.

foodshots_0004People often ask me the question, “what’s #thewildbunchdinner about?” We all like a bit of the good life – some the money, some the drugs, others the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But #thewildbunch, oh, they’re different. Why? Because #thewildbunch want the fucking lot! Now I’m not saying that this is a movement of any kind, but it seems to have ignited something amongst the wide and varied circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues here in this Mother City of ours. Its sole purpose is really to bring an interesting group of people, not all celebrated together once a month to enjoy the many culinary delights that are mostly innovative but always entertaining.

I love food. That’s no surprise to anyone who follow’s me on my social media platforms or reads any of my ‘overheard’ Leftys-Cape-Townquips, so to find likeminded individuals who share that passion and give up one night of the month to join me is always a treat. Having taken a hiatus, the #wildbunchdinner for June found an intimate group of friends trawling the Situated in the upcoming East side of the city bowl, it’s where all the cool kids hang out for those of you not in the know. You know the one’s mentioned in Echosmith’s cult classic “cool kids” video.

One of the things that I loved about NYC is the dive bar culture that is featured in almost every classic New York movie. Far from the Manhattan bustle, our own fringe culinary and popular culture smashes into Lefty’s. Purposely this isn’t the kind of place you’re likely to stumble upon. If Lefty’s was only a bar, it would be special. But what makes it exceptional is the food. With a tiny open kitchen in the heart of the bar and no printed menus, but rather a hastily scrawled chalkboard hanging over the ovens, you would best term the food offered as “drunken food”.

sticky-ribs-and-friesThe Kentucky Chicken and Waffles, the Baby Back Ribs and variety of Burgers all seem to have a measure of crack secretly added during the preparation because they run the risk of being addictive. But in a nice way. With a menu that changes seasonally, these are really all I’ve focussed my attention on previously though a friend does enjoy the falafels and pizza. But what really steals the show is when the cute waiter convinces you on the virtues of a two for one double gin and tonic special when really all you wanted was a single. You know you’re in a serious establishment where they take their drinking … uhm … seriously.

Fortunately the loathed crowds from Caprice or La Perla would think that coming here is a lag or jol – a once in a lifetime experience and so far removed from their highly organic and whey protein oriented watering holes that other rich, pretty young things gather to admire each other’s bronzed, well toned physiques which is a good thing because the local urbanites would rather have their craft beer and good down to earth eating anyways. Lefty’s is not an elegant, hyper-modern and trendy eating establishment. It’s a dive-bar at its very best. Gritty. Noisy. Edgy. But thank G’D they serve some of the best food this Mother City has to offer.