Cape Town Festival of Beer | 2015

11906178_1496880913972597_2091224225_nNot so long ago, the idea of being a micro-brewer producing beer from your garage was on the fringe of social acceptability. Kinda like on the same level as people making Moonshine or some other vile tasting pure alcohol variant. But, in the past few years the rise of a beer culture has taken off, mostly produced by an estimated 40 craft breweries across South Africa, with the Western Cape Hipster capital of Cape Town and surrounds still being the centre of the market. The rise of this product of distinction has not only created an emerging new class of SMME’s but opened up better options to the mass produced products from SABMiller. Now, however, microbreweries by rock bands, long established bars and restaurants and even clothing brands are popping up all over the place, and slowly many restaurants and pubs are jumping onto the band-wagon with a variety of craft and locally brewed beer to a salivating, if not as yet discerning, audience.

So what exactly is craft beer? Like the debate on organic and free-range specifications when it comes to meat, a craft beer is made by hand, without chemicals, and can contain other flavourings along with the traditional barley, hops and water. So,  it comes as no surprise that we’re excited about South Africa’s largest and most popular beer festival, the Cape Town Festival of Beer returning to the Mother City at Hamilton’s Rugby club from 27 to 29 November 2015 with over 200 beers from 60 local and international brewers. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, connoisseur or just keen on sharing a few cold ones with your mates recovering from the Rugga World Cup this festival is for you!

“This year we are coming back bigger and better! We’re even extending our offering to a range of cider manufacturers due to popular demand,” says Martin Tucker owner of the Cape Town Festival of Beer.

Don’t miss out on the beer and food pairing that will also be available at some of the stalls, live entertainment, home brewing demonstrations and beer tours to name a few of the exciting activities surrounding the event.

Head over to, where you will get a free beer mug along with your ticket for only R150. Tickets will be available at the door for the same price (beer mug not included) and of course you’ll be able to sample all the beers on show for free or visit for more info and follow the action on or @FestOfBeer, #CTFOB