Made by South Africa. The Granadilla Boys.

It always starts with two: Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. Batman and Robin. Nutella and well basically anything. So too with Granadilla Swim. Que gorgeous summers some eight or so summers ago on Clifton 4th, The Pretty Young Things that gather and provide an income to the iconic ice-cream sellers who in their local patter shout out: “a granadilla lolly to make you jolly!” and the name stuck in the back of a mind. Inspired by these fruity delights, The Granadilla Boys, South African entrepreneurs Adam Duxbury and Joshua Meltz (of MELTZ factory stores) had the idea to design and manufacture a beachwear brand locally.

Launched to much acclaim with their Summer 2014/15 swimwear collection, I managed to drag my friend Michael with a promise of coffee and brunch to view their latest retail offering in the gentrified Woodstock’s 349 Collective this Saturday past. Coffee in hand, I politely declined the wine on offer (a bit early to be drinking when nursing a hang-over) you are immediately drawn to the motif prints of flamingos to pineapples, and of course granadillas which line the far right corner of the collective. Having already overspent on Balmain this month, I am seriously considering getting a few of the trunks online (overnight delivery to any major SA city) but these edgy, swimming trunks do come with an important caveat: you need a bold personality to carry them off.

Digitally printing their original designs on raw white fabric (locally sourced materials, including Peach skin fabric for that ultra-quick drying pleasure) the trunks have a level of impressive finishing seldom seem by such a small start-up: stainless steel aglets and a matte finish. Just this touch alone had me “sold”. The cylindrical packaging printed with the same motifs as the trunks also serve as repurposed stationary containers for your home office or desk at work.

But when something is too good to be true there is usually a catch, and as true South Africans, The Granadilla Boys have committed to donating 5% of their profits to charities supporting entrepreneurship in South Africa to encourage other youngsters like themselves to follow their dreams. So consumerism with a conscious is in keeping with the current mise en scène that is sweeping the nation.

These fun pieces can be bought online at and at selected retail stores. Or follow them on: @GranadillaSwim


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