We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town. SAMW AW:16


The dates for Africa’s only focused menswear fashion week are set for 2016. The third instalment of South African Menswear Week (SAMW16) will take place from the 3rd to 6th February, at the Cape Town stadium. SAMW16 will bring together more than 35 designers from across South Africa, and once again include the best from the continent, with designers from 6 additional countries participating.

Building on the incredible success of the first two seasons, South African Menswear week platform is now considered to be the leading event in terms of innovation and curation. Founded by power-house couple Simon and Jen Dineir with Ryan Beswick, SAMW hopes to build on this foundation enthusiastically stating, “not only did we show the world that the depth of design talent in South Africa and Africa is truly amazing, but we now have media from more than a dozen countries wanting to attend and support the platform. The goal of developing the South African menswear space remains at the forefront of what we are aiming to do, and through the platform and it’s wide media exposure, the consumer in South Africa is seeing that there’s an alternative to the imported brands.”

Pinnacle to South African and continental design is that all designers should also have sound businesses. SAMW emphasizes the importance of the curation process for designers to be considered for South African Menswear Week . “All designers undergo a strict curation checklist, ranging from design signature, through to their ability to produce. We’re flooded with applications, but only the best make it through the 12 member curation panel, and even then, we only have space to accommodate the 35 best who topped all criteria.”