Some Like It Hot. The Jarryd’s Eatery Experience.

005I thought moving to Cape Town meant that I no longer had to eat in a mall, but I’m happy to break that rule for what has become THE spot for all-day breakfast and healthy lunches by locals and tourists alike. Started by Jarryd and Ariel Segal, this espresso bar and eatery I has been around for a good few months now. Set in the bright glass-ceilinged courtyard of the Amalfi hotel, the space just works on every sensory level from the cement rendered walls, hanging garden to the pared-down decor featuring light wood and black steel accents, carefully considered lighting which serves as a focal point within the space and ability to watch the food being prepared from an open pass situated at the back of the restaurant (when your attention isn’t solely focussed on Jarryd behind a hissing and swishing coffee machine in the front).

While the idea of sourcing from local suppliers and a digitized payment system aren’t new the food world and don’t really add to anything tangible (except great copy in magazines or blogs) this returning Capetonians’ experience of the Australian food scene is evident in the design of the menu and care which goes into the preparation and service of the food. All day Breakfasts add to the delight of the place, which means that if you’re in suffering from a hang-over over the weekend or just in the mood to start work a little later than usual, you won’t miss out on ordering toasted homemade banana bread with espresso butter or freshly smoked trout benedict with poached eggs. Their café style menu provides a range of lunch and breakfast options.

Jarryd’s exudes a passionate approach to cultivating a people-orientated café experience which is felt through their friendly greeting of customers at the door and carefully considered menu that illustrates an ethos of conscious consumption. Though I’ve never heard of them before, Jarryd’s coffee is by Espresso Lab, a specialty coffee roastery based at The Old Biscuit Mill who sources their beans from fully traceable farms, estates and cooperatives much along the same principles as Fairtrade. But, if coffee isn’t your thing, the drinks menu also includes a couple of very healthy looking smoothies and cold-pressed juices.

Jarryds Espresso Bar + Eatery 90 Regent Road Sea Point Cape Town. Follow them on: or Twitter: @JARRYDS_EATERY