Askies tannie maar ek dink jy’s wonderlik. The Mevrou & Co Experience.



I like to celebrate the success of friends particularly when they are nice people to boot. So, I wanted to let you into the ‘secret’world of one of the most creative clothing brands I’ve come across since moving to Cape Town. MEVROU & CO. was created by an eclectic, yet likeminded, group of friends who like to eat, drink, talk nonsense and eventually come up with some kak fancy ideas. Sometimes at Societi Bistro. Sometimes not. But the important thing is the deep bonds of friendship that exist between this amazingly talented group of people.

Like many other great ideas, the business started on Whatsapp when Catherine Raphaely, “the original Mevrou”, created a group called “Mevrou & Co. Secret Stuff” and invited friends to start a small company called MEVROU & CO that would make and sell t-shirts with funny Afrikaans sayings on them. Afrikaans being, as we all know, particularly effective at summing up emotional disorders and, in fact, any state of mind in general.

The company name came about because, much to their amusement, some people from Vermaaklikheid (yes, it is a place) insist on calling Catherine “Mevrou” and it became a “thing” among this group of friends. The “& Co.” represents both die “ander mevrouens” as well as the many wonderful and creative friends with whom they have collaborated to develop the product and brand and who have also generously represented the brand on their Instagram campaigns.

So who are they? “The Mevrouens” consist of Maybe Corpaci (Yes, that is her real name but that is another story…) who is half Italian/Half Afrikaans (but a totally amazingly funny individual), half English/half Afrikaans Mary-Anne Grobler and Catherine who is a 100% English speaking Capetonian.

Nothing good is ever simple and choosing only six Afrikaans sayings for their slogans was the first challenge. Next, making a stylish, classic tee shirt of excellent quality at an affordable price is no easy task. However, although they don’t take themselves too seriously, they take their quality very seriously and are proud of the product which has now entered the wardrobes, and lexicons of the Pretty Young Cool Things who hang out at the best spots around town.

The tees are simple – unisex, crunchy cotton and are cut in a boxy, relaxed style. The neckline is a hybrid and is not too scooped, nor too high. Anyone can wear them – hipsters to braai masters – male, female or kids – no matter size and shape, they are a versatile separate for one’s wardrobe.

They can be styled in many different ways as can be seen on their Instagram and online campaigns. Proudly designed and manufactured from scratch in Cape Town, South Africa they wanted this brand to live online and therefore chose Instagram (@mevrouandco) as the primary marketing platform. Not just because they wanted the marketing experience to be visual, simple and effective but also be all about friendship just like the company.

Going forward, the Mevrouens want to continue developing the brand to include sayings representing as many South African cultural groups as possible. With their latest ‘Jew Crew’ range with a deluxe, deepest navy blue, velvet print was recently launched for festive holidays (yes, easy gift for both the Christmas and Hanukkah gift-giving frenzy which is upon us all) and they hope to have IsiZulu and IsiXhosa tees available early next year.

There is just too much moeilikheid out there at the moment and we want to make people smile and enjoy our togetherness as opposed to our otherness!

As they say, get it while it’s HOT!

Orders can be made via their online store