In a twist of fate. The Pichulik For Maison Mara Experience.


Two of Cape Town’s fashion brands have just released their first collaborative collection of jewellery designed for mothers and daughters. PICHULIK’S Katherine-Mary Pichulik (@Pichulik) and Maison Mara’s Kelly Withey (@MaisonMara) took inspiration from their own mothers for this exclusive capsule collection.

After discovering that they had much in common – for one, both have a long line of strong women in their families who inspire them – the decision to work together came about almost automatically. “When we started talking about what we wanted the collection to be, it became clear that both our mothers had played a huge part in shaping our creative vision. The jewellery that inspired us most are all family heirlooms. So it seemed obvious that it was time to give something back to them,” says Withey. “In the past, mothers passed down their jewellery to their daughters as surety. It gave them a form of security and independence in a world ruled by men. Nowadays that may no longer be the case but we nevertheless wanted the pieces to carry a similar message of empowerment.”


To bring this across, Pichulik shaped rope and cast them in brass to create the eight pieces that speak of having a history but are at the same time modern: “I deliberately did not use beads for these pieces as I wanted to distil rope to its delicious essence to create pieces that will last forever by casting their form. There is something very nostalgic about the process; it reminded me of baby’s shoes that are cast in bronze to preserve them, something that speaks to the heart of family, heritage and longevity.”

The two rings in the collection are another first for PICHULIK and Withey describes them, as well as the other six pieces, as “typically PICHULIK, sumptuous and considered – elegant”.

The colours – various shades of red – were chosen specifically to echo the colour of bloodlines, heirloom roses and love. The knotted rope further speaks of bonds and Withey says, “In keeping with the idea that jewellery is passed down from generation to generation, the collection’s leitmotiv is the knot, a symbol of security and longevity. A knot becomes tighter over time until it cannot be undone anymore.”

This is Maison Mara’s first collaboration with a South African label and Whitey describes the collection as “strongly anchored in the PICHULIK DNA with a Maison Mara twist!” She says, “Moulding the rope in bronze gave it the longevity that luxury purveys, a value that is key to Maison Mara.”

The Pichulik For Maison Mara collection is available at Maison Mara at 5 Jarvis Street, Cape Town and online from mid December 2016. The collection can be ordered in gold plaited instead of bronze or brass.