No irony required. The Old Khaki AW2017 Experience.

Ironically, just yesterday, as we walked the streets of Stellenbosch in search of lunch and a cool glass of wine, friends and I, were talking about the demise of Abercrombie&Fitch as a clothing brand as it failed to change and remain relevant to its core customer base. There were a few other issues about the brand that led to its demise. But, as someone who now wears a bit more Old Khaki than is perhaps healthy to admit over the weekends when not in bespoke Zouhair suits which I have more reason to wear again, it has become something of a fashion staple to more and more office bound adventurists.

Indulge me for a moment, when I think of Old Khaki I am immediately reminded of A&F’s early days of producing on-trend, urban casual wear that immediately identified itself as relevant and highly desirable. The difference is that Old Khaki remains relevant season after season producing updated classics that few retailers are focussing on at the moment. Also harking back to the iconic photographs of Bruce Webber, Old Khaki’s autumn/winter campaign and design theme, ‘Run away with me’, was inspired by the freedom of travel, the insatiable call of wanderlust and the simplicity of life on the road.

I mean that just sells itself, doesn’t it?

The menswear range speaks to the spirited adventurer with relaxed, masculine pieces in olives, burgundies, rusts and gradients of blue that have been tailored for easy wearing. As always, there is an emphasis on high-quality, well-fitted denim items that are simple to wear and easily layered, speaking to the season’s foremost local and international trends. For the urban office-bound, Old Khaki has extended its denim collection to include a selection of trucker jackets and the quintessential denim shirt.

The AW17 menswear range builds on the success of the Old Khaki knitwear and jacket collection, with innovative updates to key items. Shoppers can look forward to more variety in fabric bases and silhouettes. The evergreen Old Khaki puffers and down jackets have been rejuvenated and are now available in a range of new colours and trims.

In terms of transitional pieces, the men’s range offers layering staples like jackets and knitwear, with the ladies’ collection focussing on lighter-gauge knitwear, as well as parka and leather jackets that add an authentic, casual edge to any outfit. Key wardrobe staples have also been updated to reflect prevailing trends – camo is big across the board, with an additional focus on heathered yarns and checks in the men’s department.

Just as I expanded on in a recent GQStyle ‘Voices’ column, personalisation is driving premium and luxury brands and Old Khaki is leading this in terms of South African retailers. Men’s backpacks and messenger bags in waxed canvas and leather feature sturdy hardware and clever design detail; while Old Khaki ladies can look forward to coloured leather items, in hues of berry and forest green, and a variety of fashion forward bag shapes, including a reversible tote and comfortable backpack.


(left to right) Jared (@jaredincpt) and deputy-editor GQ and editor GQStyle, Yati Khumalo


The Old Khaki AW17 range is all about expressing personal style with well-made, durable items that don’t need to make a statement. It will appeal to casual, carefree urbanites with a healthy, engaged lifestyle that heeds the call to adventure. So pack your handy Wolf&Maiden weekender, jump into your Landy short-wheel base and head off for somewhere relaxing this coming break and enjoy wherever it is the road takes you. Wherever it is, you’ll be well kitted to handle whatever it is in your AW2017 Old Khaki wardrobe.