Voices: Clouds Drummond on Hamburger reviews, maturity and tea with Karl Lagerfeldt.

01 picthialstyleTo not feature Clouds Drummond during Women’s Month would be as scandalous as serving flat MCC at a cocktail party. Clouds, one of the first people I met when I migrated to Cape Town all those years ago, has been both steadfast and loyal a friend despite being kidnapped for six hours in scorching temperatures or companions stealing VIP goodie bags. After that first night as we bonded over cheap whisky, men’s fashion and the importance of always having a pack of ciggies (so you don’t have to bum a fag at events), we’ve been through it all together. This week we caught up with Clouds at the chic Langaro Wellness Spa and lifestyle centre and talk about a few things ‘undiscovered’.

Given we live in the age of the tweet, in 143 characters tell us who is Cloud Drummond?

Champagne sipper. Shoe shopper. Style writer. Life lover.

What is the one rule that is often ignored at Drummond Manor?

Any rule which requires a degree of maturity. 50% of our daily Vitamin C intake is derived from Terry’s Orange Chocolate. And we play Linkin Park really loudly. After hours.

Your love of Bubbles is legendary but if the bar were empty what would be your second tipple choice?

I’d find another bar but if my ride refuses to leave, a double vodka with a brief splash of soda.

What is the one question you hate being asked?  

Are you from Cape Town because you speak really well?

Where is your favourite place in Cape Town to just escape for a few hours?

Dalebook Pool in Kalk Bay. You may find me there at 6:30 am sometimes. I’d prefer that you didn’t (find me) because my body isn’t bikini ready yet.

If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be?

To instantly teleport to my holiday destination. I don’t buy into that whole ‘journey is part of the trip’ vibe.  My holiday starts when I arrive.

Name one thing that you have to have in your fridge at all times?

Steenberg MCC, fruit and cheese equals one meal so that qualifies as one thing, right?

What are you completely bored of right now?

Haters on Social Media.

How would you describe your writing process?

My articles are well-researched and honest as I’m loathed to jeopardise my integrity with lies. Reviews are written in the ‘hamburger’ style; soft intro, constructive criticism in the middle, soft landing.

If you could ask Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeldt over for tea, what would be the first question you asked them?

It wouldn’t be tea but I love the guest list you’ve chosen for me. In my mind I’d go, ’So how ‘bout a job chicka / dude?”. From my mouth, it would be, “If you’re not being Coco / Karl, the designer, what makes you happy?”

Follow Clouds as she navigates her fashion and lifestyle playground at http://www.cloudsdrummond.co.za.