A Homage to the natural. The Pichulik Harvest Experience.

Katherine-Mary Pichulik (1)Called Harvest, our favourite Salon 58 designer Katherine-Mary described this collection of apparel and jewellery, “a celebration of the power and meaning of cycles in life and in nature. Summer is about more than enjoying the sun. It is a time of sensuality and pleasure that are necessary to feed our souls,” she says. “As women, we are strongly attuned to the meaning of cycles – a time for rest and introspection, a time for expression and doing, a time for nurturing and patience.

The collection began at the end of last summer when I gathered shells, pebbles and pieces of driftwood on the beach. As we moved into winter, I began considering the bounty of foraging and reaping the rewards of cycles that exist both in us and in nature and researched ancient harvest festivals in Christian, Islamic, Jewish and pagan cultures. Although each had their own rituals and symbols, all contained elements of ceremony, music, dancing and feasting in an expression of gratitude for being allowed to enjoy the abundance brought about through one’s own efforts,” Pichulik says as she shows us around the Maison with each of the exquisitely crafted items displayed like treasures they are crafted from.

The materials, shapes and finishes that make the garments and jewellery in Harvest strongly reflect this “expression of luxury and the purity of pleasure that ones find in nature”. Similarly, harvest colours of black, white and wheat yellow interspersed with stone and grey are contrasted with saturated coral, blue and yellow that are associated with celebration and abundance. In addition to pebbles, Pichulik also worked with gemstones such as Dalmatian and Jasper that are shaped into pendants titled Wand Femme and Homme- celebrating the talismanic and symbolic magic of such seasonal festivals. Abalone shell and porcelain shapes created by master ceramic artist and maker Michelle Legg are strung on chokers and wraps and entitled ‘Gather’. These items feel precious – the porcelain balls inviting a scent to be dropped in its vessel, the cast abalone containing a memory. The combination of soft and hard elements is what Pichulik calls a blend of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune and The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.

Nadya von SteinTaking the harvest theme a step further, the latest #PichulikbyNadya collection took its cue from Britain’s Land Girls who took over farm work during World War II too. At the time, their practical uniform, which included a tunic and breeches, was often considered disgraceful but were designed so that they could move and work comfortably. They heralded women’s new-found independence. The garments marry the nostalgic silhouettes of the ’40s with classic tailoring, except the dresses that are free and flowing in a nod to Pina Bausch’s raw and ecstatic ballet set to The Rites of Spring. The swing dress has hemp rope detailing and is a limited-edition design. The pinstriped summer suit too has a hemp drawstring on the jacket and PICHULIK D-ring detail on the trousers. “In celebration of the cycles we have reintroduced PICHULIK’s signature half-moon cut outs on the jumpsuit and blouse,” says designer Nadya von Stein.

The jewellery and apparel in the Harvest collection will be available online and in store on 14 October (online + retail + other shops) + preview to shop at Zeitz Mocca store opening 15th September.