Gin Kween. The Botanical Bar experience.

KwazuluNatal Gin

They say that success if 5 percent luck and 95 percent hard work. That will most certainly be true for the driving force behind our Mother City’s favourite secret Gin Bar and trendy broth bar Marrow, who has launched yet another hipster magnet this month called ‘The Botanical Bar’. Designed to showcase South African ever growing artisan liquor offerings, with over 85 local gin brands now being sold, along with the new craze of foraging combining the different tastes of bitters, syrups, tonics and tinctures made from local botanicals.

While we’ve seen the foraged-for fresh ingredients on the rise, however, perfected by our favourite Gin Kween Caitlin Hill, this venue only uses local craft local liquor – beer, rum, brandy and gin – to accompany the fresh flavours which are set out at the back of their drink and foods menu.

Located just off buzzing Bree Street, the new concept from Anthony Gird, Michael De Klerk, Jeanne Marais and Dennis Williams will showcase local drinks producers and ingredients. Look forward to recreations of classics made with creative botanical tinctures, bitters, syrups, vermouths and shrubs. The tinctures specifically will form a library of flavours from which the bartenders can choose as they flex their imaginations.

Ask for Peter or Josh behind the bar to make something that expresses your ‘ vibe’. You’ll thank me later.

You can find it at 160 Longmarket Street, Cape Town or call: 064 686 4164. It’s open Monday to Thursday Bar: 4pm to 12.30am; Kitchen: 5pm to 9.45pm; Friday and Saturday Bar: 3pm to 1.30am; Kitchen: 5pm to 9.45pm.